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Paige Travers

Paige Travers is a certified Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer. She specializes in helping women cultivate confidence through food freedom, mindfulness and body confidence. My mission is to help women breakdown body shame and food guilt through learning to love and appreciate the skin they are in. Our bodies are the ultimate authority and women have all the answers they need within themselves. I am here to guide you to your internal wisdom and learn to love yourself. Diet and weight loss culture have created such shame around our bodies. We struggle with guilt, anxiety and misinformation around food. I believe if you can separate your self-worth from your weight and eating habits, you will learn to take care of yourself from a place of love and that is where the real magic comes. Through my experience struggling with eating habits and my education as a health coach, I help women create a sustainable lifestyle that feels good, helps them reach their goals and most importantly; allows them to live life!

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